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Need an integrated solution for all the communication needs of your organization? CloudSyntrix's unified collaboration solutions are just what you need. Why is that? Because an organization's efficiency and productivity is highly dependent upon flexible communication and collaboration solutions. In the IT industry, the process of putting together a communication solution between team members via IP is known as Unified Communications (UCaaS), but, there are now advanced communication solution options called Unified Collaboration which is the process of sharing and accessing knowledge on any device from any location by authorized persons.

A cloud-based platform, Unified collaboration allows your team members to share information seamlessly across multiple platforms. The idea is to get everyone to communicate, to share, to access and to perform efficiently without wasting precious time on unnecessary operational processes. Not only will this save you considerably on operational costs, but will also reduce chances of lost data or broken communications.CloudSyntrix's unified collaboration solutions include:

  • Cisco / Microsoft Unified IP Communications / 8x8 / Fuze
  • Legacy to IP Phone Systems Integration
  • Billback & Tenant/Guest Applications
  • Call Center Environments
  • SD-WAN / ROBO solutions
  • On-Premise and Off-Premise UC Systems
  • Telecom Analysis (Reduce the current voice, data, and bandwidth costs via comparison of (48) Tier I to III ISPS and telecommunications carriers)

Our cloud and virtualization services make it possible to disregard the need for hardware and servers. You subscribe to a leading edge based system using either our internal or partner's data centers and you save up considerably on capital expenditures and resource acquisition costs. With simple, yet robust solutions, we are committed to bringing you the best communications technologies according to enterprise protocol standards.

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