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Robust Enterprise Social Platforms To Help Your Team Stay Connected

These days, almost all enterprise level organizations make use of social platforms to collaborate and share business interests or activities. An enterprise social platform uses social networking and cloud computing mechanics to trade information and enables collaboration between people in the organization. IT organizations need a workable solution - one that does not cost them a fortune and can still be secure and robust enough for teams to collaborate with each other and get work done.

Organizations often want a secure and reliable social platform without the intervention of third-party vendors, while still being open source and affordable. At CloudSyntrix, we understand the impact a social media platform may have on team performance and company efficiency, therefore, we have SM solutions that include:

  • Digital Media Signage
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Mobile advertising
  • Push / Pull Content

Get social. Stay connected. Enhance collaboration with our social media solutions today.

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