SAN / BC / DR Solutions

Cloudsyntrix’ SAN services team has deployed the following storage area network solutions across the commercial and enterprise markets as a Tier I systems integrtion partner:

  • EMC – Isilon/VNX/VNXE/Data Domain
  • Pure - M10/20/60 (Flash)
  • Netapp FAS series
  • Vmware VSAN
  • Nimble
  • NEXSAN (Hybrid/Flash)
  • Dell Compellent
  • Azure
  • AWS EC2/Glacier
  • VBlock series

Cloudsyntrix’ BaaS solution is a comprehensive turnkey cloud backup solution, implemented and managed by our team with leading edge SaaS providers – EMC DD, Datto, AWS, Zerto, Azure, & Veeam. These solutions can be provided with the following methodology:

  • No upfront costs and a simple monthly fee structure
  • Individually protected virtual machines
  • Multiple copies sent to geographically diverse data centers
  • No agents to install and ZERO impact to your virtual servers
  • The lowest impact on your local network and Internet links in the industry
  • Insightful backup reports providing full transparency, optional self-service control and audit support

Complete BC/DR Solution: Business Continuity & Disaster Recoverys
Hundreds of thousands of organizations all over the world leverage virtualization technologies to deliver their IT services and applications on scalable and efficient platforms. Whether the virtualization platform is based on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V the same key challenges of implementing a complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) strategy for virtualized applications remain:

  • Maintaining simplicity of disaster recovery across multi-hypervisors, clouds and storage platforms
  • Protecting Virtual Machines (VMs) with an enterprise-class replication engine aligned to all the benefits of virtualization that protects and recovers multi-VM enterprise applications consistently
  • Minimizing data loss through low Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and point in time recovery using Continuous Data Protection
  • Disaster recovery automation to orchestrate and automate migrations, disaster recovery and testing process to deliver Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes
  • Offsite backups to keep a 3 rd data copy to ensure recovery from any disaster and to manage long term retention of server backups

Each of these BC/DR challenges can be solved by implementing multiple business continuity and disaster recovery technology solutions, each requiring its own skillsets, management overheads, cost centers and complexity. With added complexity the cost of managing multiple solutions increases, testing of each element becomes infrequent and the reliance on individual knowledge represents a significant risk to the organization of not being able to successfully recover from a disaster.

Cloudsyntrix provides full DR/BC solutions through Zerto.

By replicating in the hypervisor-layer using simple scalable software Zerto Virtual Replication removes technology lock-in by enabling VMware replication or Hyper-V replication from any storage to any storage, between multiple hypervisors and multiple clouds allowing freedom of choice based on cost, performance and SLA, not based on technical limitations. Zerto Virtual Replication utilizes continuous data protection to minimize data loss by delivering RPOs of seconds with point in time recovery down to the second, up to 14 days in the past, removing the risk of data loss by restoring from backups. Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) orchestration,

Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) orchestration, automation and migration ensures failover, testing and migration operations are as simple as a few clicks delivering RTOs of minutes without any need for the knowledge of individuals to recover, removing significant risk and complexity.

Offsite backups create a 3rd copy of the data in a separate location to ensure the environment can always be recovered as a final failsafe with the ability to store backups indefinitely to meet requirements of long term data retention. Only Zerto Virtual Replication can deliver a complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solution for protecting a virtual environment in one simple to use software interface and architecture. This removes the need for many different disaster recovery technologies and reduces complexity by not requiring different interfaces and skillsets to manage multiple solutions. Cost and risk is reduced by utilizing a single solution and flexibility increased by being able to replicate from any storage to any storage, between multiple hypervisors in private clouds or for DRaaS to Zerto Cloud Service and Amazon Web Services removing the need for hosting a physical DR site altogether.

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