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Managed services are gradually becoming a popular alternative for companies that do not want to worry about their IT infrastructure. They simply pay for the services they require. This way, not only do they have to be saved from hiring IT staff, but also do not get involved in the hassle of managing IT systems, which takes the focus away from core business operations.

CloudSyntrix offers managed services to a number of small to mid-size and large organization enterprises. Our solutions focus on managing day-to-day system operations, IT activities, communication portals, maintenance and management of data centers, networks, resources, monitoring of database, storage backup and a whole lot more. Whatever your IT requirements, we have the service to help you with.

With CloudSyntrix’s managed services can give you a range of benefits, such as:

  • Reduce in IT operation cost, staff hiring cost, hardware acquiring cost and licensing fees
  • Easy and uninterrupted implementation of software or managing software upgrades, new application integration etc.
  • Availability of support for network and core operation issues with no need to get additional staff

With managed services, CloudSyntrix’s team of experts are available to take care of your IT systems 24/7. Regular updates and reports are provided to keep you abreast of changing technologies and systems you need to implement in order to have a robust IT infrastructure.

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