Smart factories leverage digital technologies

For hoteliers, IoT creates more efficiencies:

Guests aren't the only ones experiencing the benefits of IoT in hospitality. Hoteliers are saving money because of increased automation and data-sharing.

For example, with connected devices, hotels can allow the lighting in a room to adjust based on the amount of natural light. Similarly, technology can detect a room's occupancy and adjust the temp accordingly, which cuts back on energy costs without compromising a guest's comfort.

Likewise, IoT in hospitality lends itself to predictive maintenance. Technology can predict when a piece of hotel equipment, like an AC unit, will have an issue before it becomes a problem. That way, hoteliers can avoid the headache of last-minute room shuffles to accommodate a guest with a broken AC. How much better would your service be if you had the intelligence on issues before they become a problem? Let the industry tech experts at CSTX navigate your way to digital transformation..

Smart factories..

Smart factories leverage digital technologies to gain significant improvements in productivity, quality, flexibility, and service.

Three key technologies that we CSTX can help you enable your journey towards a smart factory:
  • Connectivity: Leverage IIoT to collect data from existing equipment and new sensors
  • Intelligent automation: Advanced robotics, machine vision, distributed control, and drones all deliver more automation opportunities
  • Cloud-scale data management: Data is the key to implementing predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

The three digital technologies work together to enable the convergence of information technology and operational technology (IT-OT) to ensure end-to-end digital continuity. Smart factories provide a closed-loop, data-driven optimization of end-to-end operations. The ultimate goal is to reach

autonomous operations, in which the factory constantly adapts to demand, variations in supply, and process deviations.

Smart factories
  • Multi-Cloud & Micro-Services
  • On Demand Field Delivery Services
  • Rapid Wifi Communications
  • Zero Trust Operations

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